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A young and creative SEO executive.

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A year of digital marketing as intern, I discovered a real passion for web content and digital marketing in general. Growing a brand image and visibility on the internet by creating a global strategy is exciting. In all your campaigns, actions, whether it is Adwords, social ads, native advertising, partnership with blogger or else, you can track your data and make reporting to see where it worked and where it did not, how much you’ve improved the brand visibility, how much more engaged is your community, how much you’ve increased your sales and so long. Thanks to this it becomes much quicker to improve and achieve great results. 

What I also love about digital is that it never gets boring because it never stops evolving. This moving world pave the way to unlimited creativity and innovative propositions.

Nevertheless, this strategic side of me doesn’t stand in the way of my creative side, which I believe is a strength. As a content editor, this creativity leads me to produce and develop great ideas and quality content to grow a brand image and build raving fans communities.

Finally the eager side pushes me to continuously improve and learn. I love trying new things, new places and I read a lot of things on various subjects, wether it is for my carrer or for pleasure. My favorite? Definitely cooking!

What I offer

Public Relations

Public Relations

Bloggers and Youtubers have become more and more influent in the buying decision of consumers. Knowing them and maintain solid relationships based on mutual trust with them is primordial.

Social media

Social media

In a society based on recommendations and popularity on the web, it has become inevitable for brands to unfold not only on the web but also on social media. The more media they are on, the more they can control their E-reputation by being reactive, and by engaging with their consumers. Social media have also opened the opportunity of the one to one conversation, one of the more powerful way to create a special relationship and drive sales.

Web Content

Web Content

Content is everything. Regarding the brands, content is above all everything that engage with their consumers and call to action. Content is also what allows them to improve there ranking on the search engine. Therefore quality web content has become a priority in digital marketing.

Digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing strategy

SEO optimisation is primordial but unfortunately not enough for a brand to ensure its visibility on the internet. SEO now must be part of a digital paid ad strategy. SME, SEA, native ads, product placement, preroll, automation, retargeting… Paid ads have become more and more innovative and are a great opportunity for brands to increase there sales revenue.

"Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue."

Andrew Davis

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